Our Partners in Hearing

Our sponsors play an important role in helping us fulfill the mission of bringing our community trusted information and resources about listening and spoken language.

For more information about supporting the listening and spoken language knowledge center, please contact us.

MED-EL Corporation

Founded by industry-leading scientists and engineers, MED-EL provides innovative solutions for those dealing with hearing loss. By advancing the field of hearing implant technology, MED-EL’s people and products connect individuals around the globe to the rich world of sound. For more information, visit www.medel.com or call 888-MED-EL-CI (633-3524).



Oticon’s Pediatric philosophy reflects our commitment to offering children with hearing loss every opportunity to achieve their full potential. By addressing their needs with the most child-friendly solutions available, we can lay a solid foundation to empower them to communicate freely, interact naturally and participate actively in life.

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