The Knowledge Center

Kathleen Treni, AG Bell President and Don Goldberg, AG Bell President-Elect

Welcome to Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center! This trusted resource on hearing loss that is available for anyone who is connected to the Internet – anywhere, at any time of day. The information you will find her are specifically designed for parents, individuals with hearing loss and professionals all over the world seeking more information about listening and spoken language and the journey through life with hearing loss.

As professionals in auditory-verbal therapy and education, we have observed that families often turn to the Internet to learn about illnesses and issues. They come to appointments or to our clinics and schools loaded with information – which is sometimes completely or at least partially inaccurate.

Throughout this site, families and individuals will find cutting-edge information about hearing loss, listening and spoken language, technologies and strategies. you will find demonstrations by example that children who are deaf and hard of are listening and talking and demonstrating communication skills. They are living and learning in the mainstream.

For more than 120 years, AG Bell has provided resources and support for individuals with hearing loss, their families and the professionals that support them. And while the technology available and methods of conveying information have changed drastically over the years, the underlying mission of AG Bell has not wavered. These days, we are struck by how AG Bell’s mission of Advocating Independence through Listening and Talking has never been more relevant. Revolutionary advances in technology have been a game-changer. Early hearing detection is giving parents the information they need from the start to help their children thrive. Early intervention is leading to better outcomes for children who are deaf or hard of hearing. In this time of tremendous change in our field, we truly believe that AG Bell is the “go-to” place for information and resources on childhood hearing loss and listening and spoken language.

And it’s only just beginning. The Knowledge Center is a growing and dynamic resource whose richness will continue to grow and evolve as new information is constantly added. The Knowledge Center will offer parents information about each age and stage of their child’s development, allowing parents to follow along with us as their child develops and progresses through life. It will also provide professionals with information on listening and spoken language development and the nine domains of knowledge that are the core competencies for professional certification. Adults who are deaf or hard of hearing will find helpful information about living with hearing loss and a community in which they can grow and share. With all of this information easily accessible, the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center will be about as “go-to” as it gets!

Providing materials in both English and Spanish, the Knowledge Center will provide parents the peace of mind that their children will reach their potential, and it will offer professionals seeking more information new intervention strategies and resources. Not only can the Knowledge Center be accessed on a laptop or desktop, but it is being developed with a mobile device strategy in mind, making it accessible and compatible with any mobile device, anywhere, at any time. We invite you to tour the website today – and to become involved in shaping this new resource for tomorrow. We welcome your feedback on how to make The Knowledge Center the best resource it can be. Please contact with your comments and suggestions.

Thank You to the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center Committee

We would like to thank the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center committee who have helped to develop the content and strategy. Committee members brought a wealth of perspective and expertise to the project over many months. Committee members include: Catharine McNally (chair), Jeff Campagna, Tina Childress, Ashley Garber, Kevin Miller, Susan Pollack, Jenna Voss.