Family Needs Assessment


Section 3

Emotional and Support Resources

Finding Support and Connecting with Others

  • "Being able to meet and talk to other parents who had gone through or were going through similar experiences was tremendous for us. We stopped feeling like we were alone."

Availability of emotional, counseling and support resources in the local area varied widely. More than a quarter of respondents noted a challenge associated with the availability of such resources.

Only two-thirds of respondents chose to use these resources if they were available to them at the time and 62 percent of those who used services rated them favorably.

Did You Choose to use Emotional and Support Services? 


How Would You Rate the Emotional and Support Resources Available to You?

Highly dissatisfied   Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied   Highly satisfied
10% 9% 19% 22% 40%

Even when local support services were available, many parents noted that in the early years they often felt overwhelmed with the amount of time required to provide adequate support to their child, and the effort required to connect with support groups was a barrier.

Parents noted a wide range of services were available, including school-based groups, general support groups, connections with local parents, AG Bell and other similar organizations, online groups, therapists, and hearing loss-oriented centers. The biggest benefit from using these services was meeting other parents and individuals on a similar journey.