Ages and Stages

It can be difficult to know what to expect when raising a child, everyday brings new discoveries for you and your child. When it comes to language development, a child begins learning language from the first few days of their life, while they will not begin speaking their first words for many months, those early discoveries of sound lay the foundations of future communications. The articles below are a guide to help you understand a general timeline of how a child develops language, what to look for and what to do if you do not see these skills developing in your child. Remember that every child develops different skills at different paces, and these outlines are only rough guides to help you be aware. If you are concerned your child is not developing, be patient but also trust your gut and consult with your pediatrician, audiologist or otolaryngologist.

How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?

The development of communication skills begins in infancy, before the emergence of the first word. Any speech or language problem is likely to have a significant effect on the child's social and academic skills and behavior. The earlier a child's speech and language problems are identified and treated, the less likely it is that problems will persist or get worse. Early speech and language intervention can help children be more successful with reading, writing, schoolwork, and interpersonal relationships. Read More »

Birth to One Year

The first year of life is critial for language development. Know what to expect. Read More »

One to Two Years

Ages one to two are important as your child's vocabulary begins to explode. Learn about what to expect as your child's language and communications skills grow. Read More »

Two to Three Years

Your child's vocabulary is expanding and so is their ability to communicate with longer sentences and more complete thoughts. Learn what to expect from your two to three year old, and what you can do to help their language development. Read More »

Three to Four Years

Your fast-growing little one continues to be a sponge for language and communicating. Learn what to expect between ages three and four. Read More »

Four to Five Years

As your child's language skills and vocabulary grow so does their ability to express themselves. Learn about the different milestones to expect between ages 4 and 5. Read More »