Up Front on the Back Page Archive

July/August, 2014 Danielle Paquin, M.E.D., LSLS Cert. AVEd
Teacher of the deaf with hearing loss on wanting to hear, getting two cohlear implants, and not missing a beat

May/June, 2014 Joseph Smaldino, Ph.D.
On Being the Outgoing Editor of Volta Review, Preferring Academia, Researching Classroom Acoustics, and Having Time

March/April,  2014 Shehzaad Zaman
On Asking for and Receiving Support, Becoming and Being a Physician, and Believing in Yourself

January/Febuary,  2014 David Davis
2014 Convention Chair on the Upcoming Convention, Giving Hope, Remembering Beebe, and Living a Full Life with Hearing Loss

November/December, 2013 Carrie Spangler
Educational Audiologist with Hearing Loss Speaks About her Career, Advocacy Efforts and Life with Hearing Loss

September/October, 2013 Kaitlyn Landis
Exploring the Great Outdoors with Cochlear Implants

July/August, 2013 Catherine Luetke
A Teacher and a Mentor

May/June, 2013 Matthew Browne
LOFT Counselor Speaks about Advocacy, Technology and Exploring the World

March/April, 2013 Michael Hood
Kayaking Through the Amazon and Exploring Healthy Cooking


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