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April-June 2015 - You Are Not Alone: Guide for Parents of Newly Diagnosed Children with Hearing Loss


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21.6.cover.smallReaching Out: How to Connect with Other Families of Children with Hearing Loss
by Krystyann Krywko, Ed.D.
Social and group support plays a crucial role in a parent’s ability to cope with their child’s hearing loss diagnosis. There are many ways to connect with families who are also raising children with hearing loss.
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VoltaVoices MayJune2014All Waking Hours: Strategies to Maximize Hearing Aid Wear
by Michelle E. Graham, M.S., CED, LSLS Cert. AVEd
Tips and strategies for both parents and professionals to achieve optimal benefit from amplification for children with hearing loss through consistent and appropriate hearing aid use.
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VV.21.5.smallHearing Testing: A Guide for Parents and Teachers
by Donald M. Goldberg, Ph.D., CCC-SLP/A, FAAA, LSLS Cert. AVT
Learn about the audiogram, the hearing testing process, and degrees and types of hearing loss from this primer.

VV.21.5.smallEHDI-PALS: Linking Families to Services
by Anne Oyler, AU.D., CCC-A
Read about the Early Hearing Detection and Intervention–Pediatric Audiology Links to Services website, which houses a pediatric facility directory and provides helpful family-friendly educational resources.
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button.voices from ag bellVoices from AG Bell: Making Our Voices Heard in the Media
by Meredith Sugar, AG Bell President
Read about a USA Today ad that is simple in concept with a powerful message that will go a long way in dispelling the myths that continue to persist in the minds of the public and the media and in the entertainment industry.

button.hear our voicesHear Our Voices: Midlife Awakening - How My Wife and I Became Bilateral Cochlear Implant Recipients
by John Ojeda
John Ojeda and his wife both received bilateral cochlear implants in the second half of 2014. Read about the decisions they made before they agreed to the surgeries. 

button.focus on chaptersFocus on Chapters: Mass AG Bell
by Evan Brunell
The Massachusetts chapter of AG Bell (Mass AG Bell) understands the importance of fostering social connections between children and teenagers who are deaf and hard of hearing, and their families, and shapes its chapter activities around social events.
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