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101 FAQs about Auditory-Verbal Practice

Promoting Listening and Spoken Language for Children who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing and Their Families

Exciting advances in early detection of hearing loss, state-of-the art hearing technologies and the evolution of family-centered practices are helping children who are deaf or hard of hearing to have greater access than ever before to all the sounds of life.

Today, through auditory-verbal practice, professionals and families work in collaboration to help children who are deaf or hard of hearing to take advantage of unprecedented opportunities to develop listening, spoken language and cognitive skills.

In 101 FAQs About Auditory-Verbal Practice, an exciting addition to the literature, renowned experts in the field of auditory-verbal practice provide up-to-date information for everyone in the child's life – speech-language pathologists, audiologist, teacher, early intervention professionals doctors, school administrators and parents. 101 FAQs About Auditory-Verbal Practice takes the reader on a journey through current theory, practice, and evidence-based outcomes and offers knowledge, guidance, encouragement and hope for future generations of children who are deaf or hard of hearing, their families and the professionals who are honored to be part of their lives. Read the Volta Voices article about the book.

Readers will be able to:
  • Find knowledge, hope, support and encouragement
  • Learn about the history, philosophy, principles and outcomes of auditory-verbal practice
  • Gain an understanding of contemporary issues and current trends in field
  • Build strong parent-professional partnerships that foster the development of listening, spoken language and literacy
This book features:
  • Responses to commonly asked questions about auditory-verbal practice
  • Resources and suggested reading for every topic addressed
  • An index of key topics for easy reference
  • A bibliographic list of renowned authors
  • Print and e-book format for all major e-readers

Exclusive Excerpts
  • FAQ #27: Involving Fathers in Auditory-Verbal Practice
  • FAQ #31: Experience Books: Teaching Parents How to Be Their Child’s Primary Language Facilitators
  • FAQ #49: Preparing Children with Hearing Loss and Their Families for Wholehearted Participation in Their Community of Choice
  • FAQ #89: Is Auditory-Verbal Practice an Effective Intervention Approach?

Meet the Authors

101 FAQs About Auditory-Verbal Practice brings you the latest information on current topics in the field:
  • New service delivery models, such as telepractice
  • A focus on the connection between listening and spoken language, literacy and written language for children with hearing loss
  • Listening and spoken language strategies for children in bilingual/multilingual households
  • Working with families who face socioeconomic challenges and who may be living in poverty
  • Executive functioning, Theory of Mind and children who are deaf or hard of hearing
  • Service to diverse families, including a focus on fathers, children of parents who use sign language, and older students who have grown up using a visual language system
  • Assistance in understanding audiology and auditory disorders, such as auditory neuropathy spectrum disorder and central auditory processing disorder
  • Academic preparation for those entering the field of listening and spoken language
  • Considerations for children with sequential/bilateral cochlear implants and those with multiple disabilities


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Erratum: page 403, fifth bullet under Detection, the last two sounds should be /sh/ and /s/.  

About the Editor

Warren Estabrooks is the President and CEO of WE Listen International, Inc., a global training and consulting company, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He is a Global Ambassador of the Alexander Graham Bell Association for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing and a founding Director of the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language. He is an Honorary Director of Bundesverein für Auditiv-Verbale Therapie Deutschland (BVAVT) and AV Israel. Estabrooks has held the position of assistant professor at the University of Toronto, Faculty of Medicine. He was the Director of the Auditory Learning Centre of the Learning to Listen Foundation (LTLF) in Toronto from 1980-2007 and he was a founding Director of Auditory-Verbal International Inc. Estabrooks has been honored with the naming of the Warren Estabrooks Center in the Wickramarachchi Speech and Hearing Institute (WISH) in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the Warren Estabrooks Centre in Lebanon. Read An Interview with Warren Estabrooks on the 101 FAQs.