AG Bell Academy Appeals Procedure

This policy is structured to encompass all of (but is not limited to) the following situations for an individual to appeal an AG Bell Academy decision:

  • Application eligibility
  • Continuing education approval
  • Recertification
  • Reinstatement of a lapsed certification

Step 1: Individual submits an appeal to the AG Bell Academy  via certified mail within 30 days of receiving the decision that he or she wishes to appeal. The appeal must be in writing and include:

  • Documentation to support the appeal
  • A summary of the information related to the appeal from the AG Bell Academy staff, if applicable

Step 2: The appeals information is sent to a board-appointed appeals committee for review and for a decision on the appeal. A decision on the appeal is returned to the individual, in writing, within 30 days from receipt of the appeal request to the AG Bell Academy.

  • The appeals committee is comprised of:
    • The president-elect of the AG Bell Academy
    • A member of the AG Bell Academy board of directors
    • A member of the AG Bell Academy certification committee

Step 3: A final appeal may be submitted to the board of directors if the individual requesting the appeal  can support any of the following elements:

  • The individual claims a procedural error in the appeals process is present.
  • New information has been obtained by the individual after the initial appeal decision was made.
  • A misapplication of the relevant certification or recertification standards and policies is detected.

Any appeals decision rendered by the AG Bell Academy board of directors is final.