The Value of LSLS Certification

Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLS™) are certified by the AG Bell Academy only after meeting robust academic, professional, mentoring and continuing education requirements. LSLSs have also passed the Academy’s certification exam as the final step in this rigorous process to demonstrate they have voluntarily met the highest professional standards available in the field of listening and spoken language.Qualification(1)

Families Value the LSLS Certification

The AG Bell Academy recently conducted a large-scale survey to determine the general attitudes toward the LSLS certification. Among the audiences who responded, families of children who have chosen a listening and spoken language outcome were clear in how valuable they felt working with a LSLS certified professional was in their experience.

“The LSLS credential ensures a specific skill set that may not otherwise be in place. A professional with this skill set working regularly with a child, then, ensures the best listening/spoken language outcome for that child, thereby leading the child to successes in education, social situations, career opportunities, etc”. -Mary Lucchesi


Key Survey Responses

  • About 90% felt that LSLS certified professionals were more qualified than non-certified professionals.
  • 80% relayed they had more confidence in the skill set of a certified LSLS professional than their non-certified counterparts.
  • Nearly 72% agreed that LSLS certification should be standard practice and required.
  • 73% were willing to compensate LSLS professionals more for their services than a non-certified professional.

The “Value of Certification” survey was released in 2010 to the LSLS certified community, those who had expressed interest in or currently work in the field of listening and spoken language as well as families and employers who had utilized the services of a LSLS professional. Professional respondents: 218; family respondents: 97