CEUs for LSLS Applicants

LSLS™ applicants must attain at least 80 continuing education units (CEUs) to meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the LSLS application packets. Ten of these must be in structured observation of a LSLS certified professional (for more information on this, please refer to the application packet and route for your chosen designation).

The AG Bell Academy awards one CEU for each instructional hour of professional development that contains content within the nine LSLS domains of knowledge.

In general, applicants may be awarded CEUs for participation in various educational activities throughout the application process. Guidelines for educational activities that are typically awarded CEUs are as follows (this information is also included in the LSLS application materials for further review):

Continuing Education Activity Option  

Minimum Hours Required 

Maximum Hours Allowed 

Attending Academy-approved educational programs 

50 CEUs 

70 CEUs 

Development and/or presentation of an Academy-approved program 


10 CEUs 

Publishing a peer-reviewed article 


10 CEUs 

Structured observation of certified LSLS professionals – must be accompanied by a copy of the appropriate application attachment for each of the 10 hours of observation 

10 CEUs 



Two Ways to Earn Academy-Approved CEUs

FAQs for LSLS Applicants and LSLS Certified Professionals Documenting CEUs
If you have questions about how to apply, document or “count” approved CEUs towards your LSLS application or recertification requirements, this page provides feedback you may find helpful.