Resources and Forms

Mentors are LSLS™ certified professionals who extend their professional experience and knowledge to help support and develop new LSLS professionals during the application process. All applicants for the LSLS certification must be mentored by a LSLS certified professional over a 3-5 year period of time to become eligible to take the LSLS exam.

Although it is recommended that applicants work with a mentor of the same intended designation when possible, LSLS of either designation (LSLS Cert. AVEd™ or LSLS Cert. AVT™) may mentor an applicant, regardless of the applicant’s intended designation.

LSLS mentors can also gain up to five approved continuing education credits (per renewal period) for time spent working with applicants. For more information on how to document your mentored sessions toward your recertification requirements/continuing education requirements please click here to see the recertification requirements outline.

Role of the LSLS Mentor

The role of the LSLS mentor is to counsel and guide professionals seeking certification to prepare them for the LSLS exam and to position them to be effective listening and spoken language specialists. Mentors should review the current eligibility requirements and ensure adherence to the Principles of LSLS for the applicant’s intended designation. The mentor will provide structured feedback and guidance to professionals seeking certification upon observations of sessions and classes via the Mentor’s Evaluation Form (included in the LSLS application packet). All mentors must be currently certified as a LSLS professional.

Documents You will Need

The Academy’s Mentor Handbook helps clarify the roles and procedures involved in the mentoring requirement for certification as a Listening and Spoken Language Specialist (LSLS®), and provides suggestions for handling various matters that may be encountered during the course of the mentorship period.

 Certification Handbook

The LSLS Certification Handbook provides in-depth information on:

  • LSLS application procedures & eligibility requirements
  • LSLS Written Exam
  • Academy policies and procedures
  • Recertification information
  • Helpful FAQs

Mentor Evaluation Form: Attachment F-1

As part of the mentoring process, LSLS mentors complete this attachment to the LSLS application as they observe applicants in listening and spoken language sessions and classes.

Helpful Resources

The Mentor's Guide to Auditory-Verbal Competencies (Years 1-3) by Cheryl Dickson, M.Ed., LSLS Cert.AVT, Helen Morrison, Ph.D., CCC‐A, LSLS Cert.AVT, and Mary Boucher Jones, M.A., CCC‐SLP,LSLS Cert.AVT provides guidelines for mentors and mentees to monitor the growth of essential professional auditory-verbal skills through a three-year mentoring process.