How to Apply for the LSLS Certification

Information on applying for either the LSLS Cert. AVTTM or LSLS Cert. AVEdTM designations

In order to become a certified LSLS, professionals seeking certification must demonstrate their eligibility and then pass a written examination. To be eligible to take the LSLS examination, professionals seeking certification must demonstrate satisfactory completion of the Certification Route for their intended designation, within three to five years after completion of their academic degree.

Step 1: Meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the LSLS application materials.

These requirements must be met over a three to five year timeframe. Completions of requirements in the following areas are required for eligibility to take the written examination:

  • Academic*
  • Credential/licensure
  • Continuing education
  • A formal written description of auditory-verbal practice
  • Professional experience
  • Mentoring by a certified LSLS professional
  • Letters of recommendation

*Professionals seeking certification must have one of the following academic degrees: bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or international equivalent in audiology, speech-language pathology or education of children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Download an application - These packets contain:

  • Eligibility requirements to become a LSLS Cert. AVEd™ or LSLS Cert. AVT™
  • Instructions for completing the application form
  • Application submission format
  • The application form (attachments & checklists)
Application Overview Webinar

Watch the Application Overview webinar - A free online tutorial with helpful information for anyone beginning the LSLS application process. This course has been pre-approved for .5 LSLS CEUs.

Download the Certification Handbook - The LSLS Certification Handbook provides in-depth information on:

  • LSLS application procedures & eligibility requirements
  • LSLS Written Exam
  • Academy policies and procedures
  • Recertification information
  • Helpful FAQs

Step 2: Submit your completed application by a published application deadline for the LSLS examination.

Applications are reviewed by the Academy’s Certification Committee for eligibility to take the exam.

LSLS Examination Schedule

Upload your LSLS application

Step 3: Take the LSLS examination.

LSLS Exam Preparation - This is a list of preparation resources that may be used as you prepare for the LSLS certification exam.

LSLS Exam FAQs - This page provides answers to many commonly asked questions about the LSLS exam and Academy exam policies.

LSLS Exam Rescheduling Form - If you will be taking the LSLS exam at a time other than the date originally indicated on your application, please use this form.