Download an Application

Download the LSLS Cert. AVT application packet
Works one-on-one with children and families in all intervention sessions

Download the LSLS Cert. AVEd application packet
Involves the family and works directly with children in individual, group or classroom settings

Download the LSLS Certification Handbook
The LSLS Certification Handbook provides in-depth information on:

  • LSLS application procedures & eligibility requirements
  • LSLS Written Exam
  • Academy policies and procedures
  • Recertification information
  • Helpful FAQs


For applicants who began documenting their requirements prior to 2012, you may download past versions of the LSLS applications here:

2009-2010 LSLS Cert. AVT Application

2009-2010 LSLS Cert. AVEd Application

2011 LSLS Cert AVT Application

2011 LSLS Cert AVEd Application