Glossary Terms: U

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Taste of substances such as L-glutamate salts (MSG) that are found in foods like bouillon and other stocks.
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Universal Newborn Hearing Screening is a concept that supports the screening of all newborns for potential hearing loss.

Unilateral Hearing Loss
A mild to profound loss of hearing in only one ear. Unilateral loss is now believed to adversely affect the educational process in a significant percentage of students who have it.

Unilateral Placement
Parents may decide to place their child who has an educational disability in a private program that is not part of the public education system. This is typically referred to as a unilateral placement. If the local education agency or school district has made a free and appropriate public education available to the child, the IDEA states that school districts are not responsible for paying for private programs when parents have made a unilateral placement.

Universal Screening
A step taken by school personnel early in the school year to determine which students are “at risk” for not meeting grade level standards. Universal screening can be accomplished by reviewing a student’s recent performance on state or district tests or by administering an academic screening to all students in a given grade. Students whose scores on the screening fall below a certain cut-off point are identified as needing continued progress monitoring and possibly more intensive interventions.

Usher Syndrome
Hereditary disease that affects hearing and vision and sometimes balance.