Find an Audiologist

An audiologist uses different tests to evaluate the type and degree of hearing loss. They also help to select, fit and monitor a patient’s progress with hearing aids and cochlear implants. Audiologists hold an advanced doctoral degree and appropriate licensure or certification in evaluating hearing. Some audiologists specialize in working with children with hearing loss. If a hearing loss is diagnosed, find an audiologist who can answer your questions and manage your child's hearing loss.

It is entirely within your rights to “shop” for an audiologist by scheduling initial meetings with several practitioners:

  • Ask for referrals from your pediatrician and/or otolaryngologist.
  • Contact other parents of children with hearing loss.
  • Be sure to inquire whether the audiologist(s) you contact has experience working with pediatric patients, and observe his or her level of rapport with your child during your initial visits.

Visit these sites to find an audiologist in your area: