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On the Job Tips

Being a person with hearing loss in a professional setting can be a challenge. The best resource for tips and tricks come from people just like you.

Advice from the Community

“You have 1 Voicemail”

Seeing the voicemail icon on my phone makes my shoulders tense up. That’s because I can’t always understand the voicemail messages due to a number of factors, one being the obvious if you know me: I am deaf. I can use the phone, thanks to my cochlear implants, but I really depend more on seeing visual cues. The other factors to not understanding voicemail messages include the clarity of the caller’s voice, background noise, and/or my listening focus. There was one particular voicemail that I couldn’t understand, and it was nagging at me for a couple of days, and this is all that I could make out from it: “Hi, this is [???] from {????] and I got your [?!?!?!] and I have a couple of questions for you. Could you please call me back at 555-9873.”

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In your workplace environment, how do you find out what's going on?
When I sit in my cube, I hear my co-workers talking but cannot tell what it is. Sometimes after the fact I find out that they are talking about things that are relevant to me. I don't want to be nosy but I was wondering if people have come up with ways to get the scoop on things?

  • Have a person tell you by email. invite a person out to lunch.
  • I know a woman who is successful in finding out what's going on. She does this by being the kind of person that people (both men and women) like to talk with her.
  • Become the fountain of information. Do your homework and learn obscure, but valuable information in the field that you're working in.
  • Get out of your cube and get engaged in conversations with your co-workers. Ask questions. Find out what they're working on.

Source:, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Professionals Group