33 Babies are Born with Hearing Loss Every Day. What if your child were one of them?

  • The first few months after our son's diagnosis were an emotional time. Not only did we need to deal with this diagnosis of hearing loss emotionally, but we also had to make decisions about what the next steps would be. The AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center is a great place for families to start their information search. Knowing that you are not alone can be helpful.

  • For clinicians who are working with infants and family, time is of the essence to capture the critical periods for brain development for listening and spoken language. The AG Bell offers professional development designed to help clinicians provide family-centered intervention for the youngest infants and their families so that they can achieve the best possible outcomes.

  • Through AG Bell, I learned how to advocate for my child - how to make everything we do a language experience; how to never give up even when you want to; how to ask the hard questions; how to have faith that it will happen even though you feel like you are drowning. More information about how to advocate for your child can be found at the AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center.

  • After much therapy, I loved the cochlear implant. I could hear my dog's long nails walking across the wood floor for the first time. I asked my mom about all kinds of sounds like the dishwasher, coffee pot, and washing machine. I now depend on my cochlear implant, and I advise every person out there considering one to find out information about cochlear implants on the AG Bell Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center.