Knowing your legal rights and being able to advocate for yourself are important skills for everyone, but especially for people with hearing loss. This section covers important legislative rights for people with hearing loss, skills and ideas to help your child grow their self-advocacy skills, as well as legislative efforts important to the listening and spoken language community.

What is an IFSP?

After the child’s evaluation is complete and he or she is found eligible for early intervention services, the family and a team of providers will meet to develop a written plan for providing early intervention services to the child and the family. This plan is called the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). Read More »

Parent Advocacy Training Course

The Parent Advocacy Training (P.A.T.) program helps parents build knowledge and confidence as they become advocates for their children living with hearing loss and work with local school districts and service providers. Read More »

Quick Cards to Give to Teachers

We’ve found many of the daily obstacles in the classroom stem from a lack of clear understanding about how to best interact with children with hearing loss. Read More »

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