Welcome Families!

Welcome Families!

You are at the home for families on the Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center. On this page you will find a full listing of information and resources to help you learn about your child's hearing loss, and things you can do to ensure they have access to language as early as possible.

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From Diagnosis to Action

Do you suspect that your child has a hearing loss? What should you expect? What should you do next? Read More »

Empowering Your Child

Learn how to help your child accept and use their hearing technology. As many parents of children with hearing loss will attest, the introduction of the amplification system, either hearing aids or cochlear implants, can be a frustrating time in the journey. Read More »

How Does Julie Hear?

Julie, a 17-years-old high school senior, takes a break from it all to sit down with Hearing Our Way magazine and chat about school, life, and hearing! Learn more about Julie and how to sign up for a free subscription to Hearing Our Way magazine. Read More »

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