Welcome Professionals!

Welcome Professionals!

The Listening and Spoken Language Knowledge Center is your home for locating resources and information for all professionals who work with children with hearing loss who use listening and spoken language. Hearing health professionals can read the latest research, Certified Listening and Spoken Language Specialists (LSLSTM) can learn about the latest trends and techniques in the field, and educators can access information about hearing loss and how listening and spoken language helps children thrive in the classroom.

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2013 LSL Symposium

See the full program for the premiere professional development opportunity for professionals who support children with hearing loss. Read More »

What Causes Hearing Loss? [STUDY]

For every 1,000 children born in the world, 1 to 2 will be born will with a hearing loss. Why? Michel Picard, Ph.D., looks at global data trends and provides explanations for why hearing loss occurs in some children. Read More »

Support Itinerant Teachers

As more students with hearing loss enter mainstream classrooms, more attention is needed to the role and impact of itinerant teachers. Read More »

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