You Are Not Alone

Some babies are born with hearing problems. Other children are born with normal hearing and begin to have hearing problems as they grow older. Despite the reason for the hearing loss, parents struggle to understand, to accept and sometimes, even to act. These feelings are normal and you will get through them—take it from parents who have been there. Read what they have to say in the information below.

A Parent Who’s Been There

Corrine Altman is a parent of two now-adult children who were born with severe-to-profound hearing loss. Read her heartfelt message to parents who have just found out their child has a hearing loss…she wants you to know everything is going to be okay. Read More »

Getting Through Your Grief

Discovering your child’s hearing loss can trigger a wide range of deep and complex emotions. Learn how to get through your grief so that you can support your family during this time of change. Read More »

Video: Mom to Mom

When your child is first diagnosed with a hearing loss, you may think that there is no chance for a "normal" life. Lila's mom thought the same thing, but Lila is ok - and your child will be, too. Read More »