Next Steps For Your Child

Your child with a hearing loss can succeed – in school, in work and in life. It is important you keep this in focus, whatever your child’s age or degree of hearing loss. While you will have the support of many professionals, ultimately you will make many decisions in the best interest of your child. There is no magic formula for raising a child with a hearing loss. However, your child will succeed if you maintain a positive attitude, educate yourself about hearing loss, seek out the best resources and take an active role in your child’s language development and education.

From Diagnosis to Action

Do you suspect that your child has a hearing loss? What should you expect? What should you do next? Read More »

Benefits of Early Intervention

Once your child has been diagnosed with a hearing loss there are many decisions to make—decisions that can feel overwhelming. Each state has a program for Early Intervention, programs that are staffed with people trained to assist you throughout the early years of your child's life, supporting you as you make decisions. Read More »

Choosing a Communication Approach

While some parents know that they want their children to learn to listen and talk, others will select one of the visual (sign) options. Because the various communication choices differ significantly and often lead to different outcomes, it’s essential that parents be fully informed about each of the outcomes so they can choose the outcome that is the right fit for their family. Read More »