Language Development Resources

Sing songs, narrate your actions- just a few tips to engage your child in learning language. Some of these tips may sound like common sense, however if your child has a hearing loss, you may feel unsure how to best engage your child. Read on for inspiration and ideas.

Communication: How Babies Learn

How do babies acquire language? Learn about this complex developmental process that enables young children to differentiate environmental sounds from meaningful speech. Read More »

Giving Your Child Access to Sound: Next Steps for Parents

You’ve decided that listening and spoken language is the right choice for your child – but where do you go from here? This article will help you understand the road ahead by addressing early intervention, auditory stimulation, assistive hearing devices and listening and spoken language development. Read More »

Creating a Grand Language Adventure

Experiences out of the normal routine, such as summer vacations, can provide the perfect opportunity to develop your child’s language skills. Explore ideas to help create a grand language adventure that the whole family can enjoy. Read More »