Family Resources

Raising a child with hearing loss can present additional challenges to any parent: organizing medical information; staying on top of daily schedules; planning for school and accommodations a well as extra-curricular activities—and that is just the tip of the iceberg. But you are not alone on this journey. Many families have been where you are and have shared their successes and tips for helping you meet the challenges that raising a child can present. Below is a sample of the many resources we have available, and the list grows constantly. If you have an idea to share, let us know on our Facebook Group.

Get Organized: Tips from Parents

After a hearing loss diagnosis, you may feel overwhelmed. Learn how to organize and make sense of all the information that will help you provide the best opportunities for your child to develop listening and spoken language. Read More »

Giving Your Child Access to Sound: Next Steps for Parents

You’ve decided that listening and spoken language is the right choice for your child – but where do you go from here? This article will help you understand the road ahead by addressing early intervention, auditory stimulation, assistive hearing devices and listening and spoken language development. Read More »

Insurance Guide for Parents

When your child has been diagnosed with hearing loss, focusing on practical matters such as medical insurance can be tough. This guide provides the ins-and-outs of navigating insurance coverage, offering advice and guidance to help parents obtain funding for technology and services for their child with hearing loss. Read More »