Stories from the Community

Whether you are a parent who has just learned that your child has a hearing loss, or an adult who has hearing loss, there are others in the community who have been on a similar journey. Read through the many stories here on the site and share your own story by emailing us.

I'm OK…And Your Child Will Be Too

Sarah Burrell is a seventeen-year-old with profound hearing loss in both ears, but that doesn't stop her from achieving and enjoying life. Read More »

Being the Only Student with a Hearing Loss

What happens at school when you can’t hear the teacher, coach, or referee? Read this essay by fourteen-year-old Harrison Hansen for a personal account of what it’s like to be the only hard-of-hearing student in his school. Read More »

Breaking Communication Barriers through Legislation

Nine-year-old Collin Tastet was a leading advocate behind North Carolina bill 589, which helps provide financial support for hearing aids to children. Read More »

Parents and Families Blogs

In the September 29th blog post in "Babble Onwards," Hendi writes about how to honor her child with typical hearing while writing a book focused on her child with hearing loss.

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