Educational Advocacy

Advocating for your child's educational rights is a vital part of ensuring your child has access to the learning environment they need to succeed. The process however can be difficult even for people who have experience with education law. To help you we have created several easy to navigate resources to help educate you on the process of creating an IEP and ensuring it is followed, as well as many other resources to help you and your child understand what legal rights are available. Start with the Parent Advocacy Training free online course which details the entire process you will go through to establish your child's educational needs and goals.

Parent Advocacy Training Course

The Parent Advocacy Training (P.A.T.) program helps parents build knowledge and confidence as they become advocates for their children living with hearing loss and work with local school districts and service providers. Read More »

Ask The Expert

Do you have a question about your child's IEP or other things related to educational law? AG Bell's Parent Advocacy Training course will provide many answers and tools, but if you still have questions, you can use our free Ask An Expert Forum to connect with a lawyer who specializes in educational law. Read More »

Education Advocacy Resources

Creating an educational plan for your child can be a difficult task, but with knowledge about the process, you can be better equipped to handle the process as you work with a school system. Read More »