Your child will have hearing loss for the rest of their life, and will face challenges that must be overcome. You can empower them now with the tools to be strong confident self-advocates. Below are resources to help you prepare your child to understand their needs to ensure understand what they need to succeed.

Self-Advocacy: A Must-Have Skill

Self-advocacy in children with hearing loss will permeate many aspects of the child's life. Fostering self-advocacy can be woven into the routines of every day family life as well as into early childhood curriculum. Read More »

Empowering Your Child

Learn how to help your child accept and use their hearing technology. As many parents of children with hearing loss will attest, the introduction of the amplification system, either hearing aids or cochlear implants, can be a frustrating time in the journey. Read More »

Incorporating Self-Advocacy Skills

Self-advocacy skills are vital to the success of your child in the classroom and social interactions. Learn some tips and find resources to teach your child early. Read More »