Auditory Functioning

Auditory functioning details the process by which humans access sound for language development. Speech perception and acoustics, phonetics, and audition are some of the topics covered in this section, all of which are part of the intricate process of developing spoken language. Knowledge of these subjects is vital when working with children with hearing loss optimize their development.

What Causes Hearing Loss? [STUDY]

For every 1,000 children born in the world, 1 to 2 will be born will with a hearing loss. Why? Michel Picard, Ph.D., looks at global data trends and provides explanations for why hearing loss occurs in some children. Read More »

The Speech Banana

The Speech Banana is a term used to describe the area where the phonemes, or sounds of human speech, appear on an audiogram. When the phonemes are plotted out on the audiogram they take the shape of a banana, therefore audiologists and other speech professionals refer to that area as the speech banana.

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