Spoken Language Communication

Spoken communication skills are rooted in two interdependent categories: speech and language. Language is first learned through hearing, and speech is an expression of that language. This section contains information about the steps involved in speech and language development, and how professionals working with children with hearing loss can support that development.

From Language to Literacy

Have you ever wished you could see inside someone’s head? That is how Maria Mody, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, a specialist in cognitive neuroimaging, spends her days. By combining behavioral research with the wealth of imaging technology at her disposal, her recent studies provide a unique glimpse into the brain’s responses to language stimuli. Read More »

Individual Differences in Cochlear Implant Effectiveness [STUDY]

Cochlear Implants work, but in some children they work better than others. This study explores the several key factors of successful implantation, such as an individual’s natural ability, age of implantation and communication modes. Read More »

Story Retelling Patterns Among Children With and Without Hearing Loss [STUDY]

When a child retells a story, she’s using a wide range of literacy skills. This study explores the different ways children retell stories, and the impact hearing loss has on her story retelling abilities. Read More »