Parent Guidance, Education and Support

Educating a child is a team effort involving the family at every stage. Many times as a professional you will work to educate the family almost as much as the child. Taking time to understand family dynamics and how to best involve them in the process pays huge dividends.

Children with Hearing Loss and Special Needs [STUDY]

Learning that your child has a hearing loss is difficult enough, but what do you do if you’re a parent of a child who has both a hearing loss and other disabilities? David Luterman, D.Ed, explores ways to counsel families dealing with multiple diagnoses. Read More »

Ethnic Diversity and Hearing Loss [STUDY]

This study examines the degree of ethnic diversity that exists among children with hearing loss, reviews how ethnic diversity affects the implementation of auditory-based intervention, and suggest ways that therapists can respect and respond to diversity to improve services to minority groups. Read More »

Psychological Assessment of Children with Additional Disabilities [STUDY]

An estimated 40% of children with hearing loss have additional impairments that can affect their learning. This study discusses psychological assessments of children with hearing loss who have additional disabilities or special needs and includes assessment procedures for children who have cognitive disabilities, learning disabilities, visual impairments, attention deficits (ADHD), autism, sensory integration dysfunction, emotional and behavioral difficulties, and motor disabilities. Read More »