The focus of this section is on the development and expansion of the auditory and language skills that underlie and support the child’s progress in the general education curriculum.

Building Bridges the First Week of School

Kelly Kodadek O’Connell, M.E.D., gives a teacher's perspective on making connections with parents, students and other professionals at school. Read More »

Comprehension Strategies for Children with Hearing Loss

When we have to spend more brain power on thinking about the sounds of a sentence, rather than understanding what those words actually mean, our comprehension decreases dramatically. For children who have hearing loss, developing successful comprehension strategies is an important step in language development. Read More »

Must-have school gear for children with hearing loss

Success in the classroom can depend on many factors. Ensuring a child has as much access to the sounds of the classroom goes a long way to supporting a successful learning environment. Learn about some of the many classroom supplies that can help a child in the classroom. Read More »