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Video: College Graduates with Hearing Loss Communicate with the World

Tim and Lindsey are young adults with hearing loss. Tim has a degree in biomedical engineering and uses cochlear implants, while Lindsey is working on her doctorate in audiology and uses hearing aids and FM systems. Both love to talk, and are thankful that listening and spoken language has let them communicate.  

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Video: Defying the Odds

Veronica was diagnosed late and most educators predicted she wouldn't learn to speak.  Now she speaks, reads at grade level, and plans to go to college one day. 

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Video: Independent Teen with Hearing Loss

Brian is a deaf teenager who is independent thanks to his bilateral cochlear implants. Watch this video to learn more about his story. Read More »

Video: Multi-Lingual Adult with Hearing Loss

Rachel had mild-to-moderate hearing loss identified at age three, and lost all her hearing at age five. She had hearing aids from age 9 until she was 24, and now has a cochlear implant. Rachel loves to travel abroad, and is fluent in Russian and French. Read More »

Video: Tweens with Hearing Loss Have Big Dreams for the Future

 Tara and Paige are two tweens with hearing loss and cochlear implants. They both love sports and talking with their friends.  

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